Here comes your Sunday evening briefing!

A big thank you once again to all that have shared our posts. The word certainly seems to be getting out there! If you do know anyone that isn't on Facebook, be sure to let them know of our reopening. Would be lovely to see so many faces after such a long time!

Although as you know we have a large carpark, we are encouraging you all to walk where possible. This is so we can keep everyone at a safe distance and it will also give us a little bit more room for people queuing to get in and out. If you do need to drive, please be considerate of others when getting in and out of your car.

Social distancing has been at the forefront of our minds whilst planning this whole thing out and we have been asked a few times about why we are keeping it at 2m apart for the time being.

We are blessed with having a huge field that has enabled us to fit many more people on site than a lot of other local pubs and clubs and that really is amazing. With having such a large space we are more than able to keep you all 2m apart from the next group which is going to make it far easier for you to all stay safe. Even with the restrictions being relaxed slightly we simply cannot fit many people in the clubhouse at this time. With the reduction in social distancing also comes extra precautions that we would need to take. This includes the use of plastic screens, face masks for all and table service only. As you can imagine none of this would be easy for such a small team, and would certainly not be fun trying to drink a beer through a face mask!

Of course when the time comes and we feel it is safe and viable to do so, we will be inviting you back inside.

Social distancing that we will need you to follow at the club will be-

Staying inside your own social bubble when applicable.

Only queuing when necessary.

Staying 2m apart from the next social bubble.

Not moving the furniture which has been carefully placed to ensure safe distancing.

Generally being considerate and wary of other people around you.

We have tried to limit the number of people queuing at any one time by introducing a WhatsApp ordering service. There will be disposable menus given to all members upon entry with our products, prices and the number you will need to send a message to via WhatsApp to get your order processed. When your order is ready to be collected, you will be sent a message to come to the collection point and you will also be asked to pay using card when you arrive at the bar. Any abuse of this service will not be tolerated and your number will be blocked. Texts that are not received through WhatsApp will be ignored as will calls. The profile picture for the WhatsApp number is also the menu if you happen to misplace yours.

Current government guidelines state that in outside spaces families from any number of households can be seated together in groups of a maximum of 6. This includes children.

The thought of having a draught pint in the sun has been only a dream for the last 3 months, but this time next week will be a reality!

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