Latest Covid updates

Important Changes and Updates 

As you will know, there have been some changes to the rules and guidelines which effects the Traco.

So in light of the new government guidance we are required to make a few changes to the way we are operating. These are as follows

Face masks MUST be worn by all customers unless seated and drinking. This includes entering and leaving the clubhouse, playing the fruit machine, walking to the smoking area and also when walking to the toilet. You will also be required to wear a mask whilst playing snooker.

If you do not have a mask you will not be permitted to enter the clubhouse.

We will be operating table service only. The WhatsApp ordering will be back up and running and for those customers that are unable to use WhatsApp, we have flags on the table that we request you put up and in a visible place so the staff can come and take your order. You will be refused service at the bar.

Everybody must be off site by 22:00. The bar will be closing at 21:30 to give you half an hour to finish your drinks and vacate the premises.

Please bare with us during these trying times as it is all a learning curve for us also.

Thank you for your continued support and please remember to let other members know whom may not have seen this message.

Many thanks,

Matt & Millie

Also membership renewals have been extended, so you can renew your membership up to close of business on the 30th September.

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