Seeing as Boris Johnson has cancelled his daily Cornoa briefings, we've decided to give you them ins

Seeing as Boris Johnson has cancelled his daily Cornoa briefings, we've decided to give you them instead!

Firstly we would like to say a big thank you to all those that have shared and liked our post from yesterday!

We've had a few questions regarding how to gain entry to the club so thought we would clear a few things up with you all.

Members will be required to have their current 2019 membership card in order to gain entrance to the club. Failure to present your card on the reader will mean that you will not be allowed to enter. We need to ask you to comply with this so that we can fulfil the governments track and trace requirements. If you are unsure of your membership status, please message us directly and we can check on the system if you are a current member or not. If you are not a current member, you will be unable to gain access to the club or its field at this time. We are not taking requests at this time to become a new member. You will also not be able to renew if you have let your membership lapse, you will have to reapply when the applications reopen later in the year. We are also aware that a few of you may not have had the chance to pick up your new membership card as of yet. We have decided that in order to give as many people the opportunity to pick up their card as possible, we have designated the hours of 18:00-20:00 on Monday and Tuesday next week where a member of staff will be on site and you will be able to pick up your membership card. Please be considerate when collecting your card regarding social distancing. The staff will be wearing gloves and hand gel will be available for you to use should you wish to do so when you are picking up your card. Again, we encourage you to share this post to get it far and wide! Stay safe, and see you all soon! Your card should look similar to this. It may not have the logo on the front, if you are unsure send us a picture and we can confirm it for you.

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