Tuesday night and that means another update!

We've made some changes to the way the toilets can be used.

We have removed the existing handles and put toe grips that you can use to open the door instead, limiting contact.

We have also installed locks on the main toilet doors to prevent anyone from coming in when you are using the facilities.

The toilets both ladies and gents will be operating on a one in, one out basis and there is hash markings in place to stop overcrowding at the doors. The one in, one out policy does not apply to children under 10 who will need to be accompanied when using the toilet.

There are two hand sanitiser stations before you enter, we kindly ask that you do use these for your safety and ours.

We are advising that if you are to come to the club, you refrain from using the outside toilets. There will be no access other than leaving the site and then reentering after use and you will need to present your membership card again at the gate if you wish to reenter.

There is antibacterial wipes in the toilets that are for you to use to disinfect the seat and another other surfaces you wish to do so. Please do not flush these wipes down the toilet and use the bin to dispose of them.

The toilets will be cleaned hourly which will include but is not limited to, cleaning of all touch points and surfaces, cleaning of the toilets, checking and maintaining consumables and making sure that the bins are not full.

I have attached a quick video on how to use the toe grips so you can all see how easy they are to use!

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